Jose Miguel Arce Barahona

Jose Miguel Arce Barahona


Patient Demographics: Babies, Children, Adult, Eldery

"In a desire to collaborate in the improvement of the health of people, I find that hearing health has an importance that is often left aside, for various reasons.
That's why I'm looking not only to improve hearing health, but also to be a promoter of good practices and the importance of hearing care."

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Audiometry Adults
Hearing aid repair
Placement of hearing aid
School children audiometry
Children audiometry
Custom molded ear plugs
Hearing screening
Infant tympanometry
Monitoring headphones
Otoacoustic emissions
Prescription for hearing aid
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Hearing loss
Hearing Problems

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About me

There is not something more valuable in each person than his health, but beyond his health; Your dignity as a Human being.
Therefore it is my desire to serve to improve the quality of people.
I would like to share a phrase that reflects my feeling in life:
"Treat a human being as he is and he will remain what he is, treat him as he can and should be, and he will become what he can and should be" -Goethe-


English, Español


  • Bachelor of Audiology. Universidad Santa Paula. May 2015


  • Therapists Association of Costa Rica Code CTCR-AU0097