Manuel Wong On

Manuel Wong On

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Patient Demographics: Children, Adult, Elderly

"I believe that every patient should leave satisfied from each consultation by evacuating their doubts and concerns at any time, in order to achieve the best results."

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Procedures (3)

Injections with platelet-rich plasma

Medical conditions (6)

Ligament sprains knee and ankle
Muscle Tears
Trauma rotator cuff
Injuries to the muscles of the arm, hand, foot
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General Info

About me

I am passionate about sports, I practice it and I love to help people who want to expore this field to improve their health or their performance.


English, Español


  • Specialty in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. 2004 - 2007
  • Doctor and Surgery. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. 1997 - 2003
  • High Performance Sports Medicine - University of Barcelona. Barcelona, Spain

  • Postgraduate Degree

    Musculoskeletal ultrasound - American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Rockville, MD

  • Postgraduate Degree

    Sports Injuries Imaging


  • Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica cod. MED7521Active

    Medic and Surgeon - Costa Rica

  • 2019 AMLAR distinction to Scientific Merit. "Dr. Luis Guillermo Ibarra"
  • Member of the International Committee - European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians (ECOSEP). Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Medical Committee - National Olympic Commission of Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica
  • Postgraduate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
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