Luis Diego Carazo Fernández

Luis Diego Carazo Fernández


Patient Demographics: Adult, Eldery

"Medicine is not a static science, it changes constantly; every day new things are discovered. My goal to give my patients the best possible care by keeping up-to-date, both in knowledge and technology, and by not omitting the human factor as I understand that each of my female patients have individual needs and should be treated as such. Over time, the comprehensive care I provide has naturally led me to becoming not only my patients’ gynecologist, but even more so, their friend."

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Procedures (31)

G-spot increased
Labia Surgery
Management of mild dysplasia laser
Stress Urinary Incontinence laser
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Anti incontinence surgery with SLING placement
Bioidentical Hormones
Colposcopy and biopsy
Copper T placement (Device included)
Exploratory laparsocopy
Four dimensional (4D) ultrasound
Hysteroscopic foreign object removal
Inner labia or labia resection surgery
Intrauterine Device Placement (Includes device)
Labiaplasty with genital design
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Laser for cervical dysplasias
Laser treatment for urinary incontinence
Pap smear
Posterior Colpoperineorrafia
Previous colpoperineorrafia
Tratamiento láser para verrugas genitales
Uterine conserving surgery
Uterine prolapse surgery
Vaginal Hysterectomy
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Medical conditions (28)

Bladder problems
Burning during sex
Cervical dysplasia
Pain during sex
Atrophic vaginitis
Birth control pills
Ectopic pregnancy (eccysis)
Endometrial hyperplasia
Fallen bladder (cystocele)
Fetal malformation
Fibroma (benign connective tissue tumor)
Genital warts
Menstruation pain
Myoma (benign muscle tumor)
Ovarian cyst
Polycystic ovary
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Prolapse of uterus
Uncontrolled menstruation
Uterine prolapse
Vaginal bleeding
Vaginal discharge
Yeast infection
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General Info

About me

Since I was in school I loved Medicine. I never had any doubt that this was my vocation and I continue to live deeply fulfilled with what I do. When treating a patient through pregnancy, I always act as if that baby was my child and I strive to the fullest with complete dedication so that everything goes well without taking unnecessary. What I like about Obstetrics is being able to work with life and not just disease. To attend a mother during the birth of her child is one of the most wonderful experiences that God gives us the opportunity to enjoy.


English, français, Español


  • Specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. 1993
  • Doctor and Surgery. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. 1989
  • Intensive Course of Esthetic Gynecology, Argentina Society of Esthetic Medicine (SOARME), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    October 2013

  • Abstract Practice Course of Hysteroscopy at Endoscopy Academy, San José, Costa Rica.

    July 2013

  • Intensive Course Laser Applications in Gynecology and Uro-gynecology.

    March 2013

  • Course: Gynecological Endocrinology Training at Universidad de Alcalá, España


  • Refresher Course in Pelvic Floor Surgery and Minimally Invasive, Córdoba, Argentina.



  • Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica cod. MED3758 - active

    Medic and Surgeon - Costa Rica

  • Member: International Continence Society
  • Medical Specialist Assistant at Gynecology and Obstetrics Unit of San Vicente de Paul Hospital, Costa Rica, since 1993
  • Coordinator of Pelvic Floor Unit
  • Medical Specialist Assistant at Gynecology and Obstetrics Unit at La Católica Hospital, Costa Rica
  • Coordinator of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Universidad de Ciencias Médicas
  • Tutor of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Universidad Iberoamericana, Costa Rica