Javier Cabezas Loría

Javier Cabezas Loría

Vascular Surgery

Patient Demographics: Adult, Eldery

"I believe that listening to the patient is more important than simply focusing on the sickness. Through listening, one gets a better understanding of the patient and their illness."

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Procedures (9)

Capillary ablation with VEINGOGH
Echosclerosis (FOAM Sclerotherapy)
Endolaser varicose vein sclerosis therapy
Radiofrequency varicose vein sclerosis therapy
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Medical conditions (9)

Artery obstruction
Blood circulation problems
Lymphatic disease
Phlebitis (vein inflammation)
Thrombosis (coagulation)
Varicose veins
Vascular disease
Venous ulcer
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General Info

About me

Since I was a child, I was always certain I would be a surgeon. What I love about my job is the satisfaction of helping someone whether that be through positive words of encouragement or through a vascular procedure. As doctors, we have the obligation to help but above all it is always more important to listen first.


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  • Specialty in Vascular Surgery. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. January 2005
  • Doctor and Surgery. Universidad Autónoma de Centro América - Escuela Autónoma de Ciencias Medicas. San José. January 1996
  • International Course: Aortic Endovascular Treatment at Hospital Espanol, Argentina, June 2009


  • Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica cod. MED4979 - active

    Medic and Surgeon - Costa Rica

  • Member: Endovascular Therapy Academic Excellence Center (CEATE)
  • Member: New Cardiovascular Horizons International and Latin America Faculty, since 2011
  • American College of Phlebology
  • Member: Argentinian Society of Phlebology
  • Costa Rican Association of Vascular Surgeons
  • Vascular Surgeon at Hospital San Juan de Dios, Costa Rica
  • Professor of Surgery at UACA, since 2004
  • Professor of Surgery at Universidad de Costa Rica, since 2008
  • Postgraduate Professor of Surgery at San Juan de Dios Hospital, since 2004
  • Speaker at Argentinian and International Congress of Phlebology y Lymphology, October 2010/November 2011
  • President of the Association of Vascular Surgeons of Costa Rica.
  • National Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery.
  • Clinic Headquarters Hospital San Juan de Dios.