Servicio de Terapia Respiratoria

Servicio de Terapia Respiratoria

The respiratory therapy department is dedicated to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases mainly of the respiratory system, as well as the detection of diseases and evaluation of their progress.

Services Provided:
1. Chest physiotherapy
2. Pre and post effort blood gases test
3. Taking of arterial gases
4. Aspiration of secretions
5. Sampling
6. Emergency care for neonate, infant, pediatric and adults
7. Assistance in high-risk deliveries
8. Pulmonary rehabilitation
9. Assistance in medical procedures such as: intubation, tracheostomy, bronchoscopy, chest seal placement, etc.
10. Evaluation of patients at risk of respiratory disease
11. Placement of non-invasive ventilatory devices
12. Tracheostomy Cure
13. Management of oxygen therapy and aerosol therapy devices
14. Simple and post bronchodilator spirometry
15. Use of heliox

We are open 24/7. Spirometries are only done when scheduled. The duration of external therapies depends on the patient and their condition.


Goicoechea, San José, Costa Rica

Address: Guadalupe, Goicoechea, in front of the courts of Justice;


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